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A Creation Of New Kashi

We have made an attempt at creating a new Kashi

There is an interesting story about Kayavarohana in the Puranas. Vishvamitra, the great sage was very disappointed when the gods did not allow his disciple Trishanku to enter Heaven. He abandoned his ashram and started wandering. From Pavagadh, his old hermitage, he wandered down the river Vishvamitri and came up to the crossing of the river Rangavati. Soon on the banks of that rivulet he came close to a small town. No sooner did he enter the area than he had a unique spiritual upsurge; He felt greatly elated and was inspired to a new Kashi, a city of liberation which will be new door to Heaven. He called upon Ganga and asked her to flow in that new city which was Kayavarohana. With the power of his asceticism he created new bathing tank that brought liberation. He prepared a Jyotirlinga and consecrated it. The new city soon grew so famous that the gods began to feel envious of it.

So far, Kashi was the only gateway to heaven and the gods took credit for providing it to the mankind. Now that Vishvamitra built a new gateway to liberation, who would have camed for the old Kashi? The gods could not face such a let down. They hastened Narada to bring a first hand report of Vishvamitra's handiwork. Narmada promptly came down to Kayavarohana and saw the new centre in all its spiritual magnificence. He was greatly impressed and went back to report to the gods that Kashi stood no chance of comparison with the new gateway to moksha. The gods (devatas) now panicked and rushed to Vishnu Lord Vishnu asked them to calm down and promised to set things right, He took the shape of a weak old Brahmin and appeared before Vishwamitra who was busy giving final touches to his new creation. The Brahmin asked, What's going on? Vishvamitra was irritated; he opened his eyes and saw this old figure. Containing his dislike, however, he said politely, Reverent sir, I am creating a new moksa puri . The Brahmin put his hand over his ear and Said, I am hard of hearing

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